• Miller Kern

Facebook changes its algorithm

Facebook officials recently announced that the site's algorithm is going to change in order to promote more friend and family interaction amongst users. News Feeds will no longer be flooded with news stories or other forms of media from publications. This means fewer cooking videos and memes as well—unless a friend shares the content.

This change is part of an effort to combat "fake news" after Facebook faced controversy over the matter regarding the 2016 presidential election.

However, if someone is friends with people who choose to share false stories or content from untrustworthy publications, his or her News Feed will be full of the "bad" content. This new algorithm will most likely have the opposite effect of its intended goal. It is likely going to promote more echo chambers in which people are only getting the news they like.

This algorithm is also going to hurt publications and brands. Facebook is a huge traffic driver for media outlets. For example, Facebook is the no. 1 driving force for Ball Bearings' views. Without visibility on Facebook, small publications like Ball Bearings will suffer. And for those that depend on views to create revenue, financial problems may arise.

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