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Organic grocery delivery service caters to college students

This article originally appeared in the Ball State Daily News

Balancing 15 credit hours, a job, extracurricular activities and a social life can result in college students skipping out on the grocery store. A Midwest grocery delivery service hopes to eliminate this food purchasing hassle.

Husband and wife, Matt Ewer and Beth Blessing, started Green BEAN Delivery in 2007 to marry technology with organic foods. Green BEAN Delivery’s name stands for points that address communities’ food challenges – biodynamic, education, agriculture and nutrition.

The idea behind Green BEAN Delivery is buying healthy food items without actually going to a grocery store. Members of the company start with a bin filled with pre-chosen grocery items picked by the company. They then have the freedom to add or alter the bin to fit their needs.

Sam Noble, a senior telecommunications major, uses the service.

“The lack of effort required was amazing,” Noble said. “I could do my grocery shopping immediately after making my list and I always got what I wanted.”

Each Green BEAN delivery requires a minimum $35 purchase, but shipping is free. Customers can choose how frequently they wish to have groceries delivered to their residency. For Muncie residents, deliveries come on Tuesdays.

Green BEAN Delivery reuses bins to cut down on waste products. Patrons of the company set their bins outside and a Green BEAN driver will pick it up for refill.

Green BEAN Delivery isn't the only grocery delivery service in Muncie. The Downtown Farm Stand also delivers. Their bins start at $28 and require a $7 grocery purchase for free shipping.

Noble heard about Green BEAN Delivery through a friend who used the services. He became interested in the company because he said he’s terrible at making time to go grocery shopping.

“Not having to spend an hour inside a grocery store, waiting in line, picking up food or just trying to find the right aisle sounded amazing,” Noble said.

Green BEAN Delivery offers its delivery service to dorm rooms as well as apartments and houses

“We offer a lot of options for college students,” said Trisha Brand, marketing and member services supervisor for Green BEAN Delivery.

Brand’s love for healthy eating came from a high school biology teacher who challenged her class to eat better food. She noticed her classmates became more engaged and active. Brand wants this kind of result for everyone who orders from Green BEAN Delivery.

All of Green BEAN Delivery’s produce comes from local farms and is packaged fresh. The company also operates two of its own farms.

Green BEAN Delivery gives back to people experiencing food insecurity. Since Green BEAN Delivery’s foundation, the company has donated 700,575 pounds of food to people in need.

“It’s a labor of love,” Brand said. “You do it because it’s what we’re supposed to do.”

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