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10 signs you're becoming an adult

This article originally appeared in the Ball State Daily News

College is a time for growing up and learning. These four years shape students’ personalities and habits. While 18- to 24-year-olds may not be completely ready for the real world, here are 10 signs you’re becoming an adult:

1. You get excited about new household products—like really excited

What’s that? You bought new Tupperware? Week made.

2. You have dinner parties

You and your friends get together to channel your inner Gatsby (and save money) by feasting together.

3. You find yourself turning into your mother or father

As much as you’ve been trying to avoid it, all those little eye roll-inducing habits your parents exhibit are sneaking into your daily life.

4. Checking the mail is no longer exciting

Getting mail as a kid was always the best. Now, the postal worker delivers eternal sadness (i.e. bills).

5. Grocery store visits become less fun and more practical

Gone are the days of piling the cart with every colorful box of junk food in sight. Now, one-quarter of the cart is filled with food that actually has nutritional value. R.I.P to that love affair with Hostess snacks.

6. Cleaning becomes enjoyable

Who would’ve thought this day would come? You actually like cleaning. Throwing on some music turns cleaning day into a party. Side note: broom handles double as great microphones.

7. You stock up on coupons

You’ve become one of those people who has an envelope labeled “coupons.” Nothing is ever purchased without first sifting through the envelope to find deal savers.

8. You cook your own meals

Real meals. A person can only take so much ramen and macaroni and cheese. You've finally cracked down and learned how to cook a few sufficient meals.

9. Decorating becomes a favorite pastime

You scour Pinterest for new DIY ideas to keep the house or apartment as rustic and homey as possible. Candles become an obsession and an extensive amount of time is spent to find the perfect one for your living room coffee table.

You finally learn how to do all the things you never learned in high school

You get a checkbook. You pay bills. You register to vote. You file your taxes. Thank you, Google.

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