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Get ready for class fast with these time-saving tips

This article originally appeared in the Ball State Daily News

Beep! Beep! Beep! The morning alarm is going off. You’ve hit snooze a few too many times again and now you’re running late for class. These quick tips can make a rushed morning less stressful.


Pick out an outfit the night before. Save time and energy in the morning by planning the next day’s look ahead of time.

If planning ahead is not your style, try throwing together a simple outfit in the morning, such as shorts or jeans, a graphic tee and a flannel.

This look is simple to put together and functional for the in-between days of summer and fall. The flannel can double as a jacket for cooler days and an accessory around the waist on warmer days.

Opt for easy slip-on shoes during rushed mornings. Even saving the slightest bit of time by not having to tie your shoes can make a difference.


Stick to the basics when in a hurry. Contouring can wait for the weekend. To save valuable minutes, go for a look of foundation, simple eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Or skip makeup altogether—sometimes a fresh face is the best look.


As the age-old saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. According to the NPD Group, 46 percent of Americans ages 18-34 skip this morning meal. Eating breakfast doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore.

Grocery stores offer plenty of grab-and-go breakfast items, such as granola bars, toaster pastries, cereal bars, muffins and fruit. Munch on one of these on your way to class to feel energized until lunch.


To keep your morning routine short and sweet, have everything ready to go before going to bed. Pack your bag with all the essentials for class and set it by the door for a quick, walk-by pickup while leaving.

To avoid mix-ups and cluttered pileups with roommates, invest in a cubby or hook system to separate belongings for an easier grab-and-go.

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