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Fashion do's and don'ts for amusement park visits

This article originally appeared in the Ball State Daily News

Amusement parks provide fun activities for patrons in the summer and a nice reprieve for students during the school year. Cedar Point and Kings Island are open until Nov. 1 and Holiday World is open until Oct. 31. If you do go, remember that some style choices aren't so theme park-friendly. Test out these fashion dos and don’ts on your next park visit:

Do: Wear comfortable shoes.

Walking is a guarantee at amusement parks. Skip the sandals and opt for a foot-friendly sneaker instead.

Don’t: Wear something that doesn’t fit.

It’s okay to let go at a theme park, but don’t let that attitude extend to your clothing style. Avoid ill-fitting shirts or Daisy Duke shorts that show too much.

Do: Wear proper protectants.

Summers are hot. Protect your skin (and nose) by lathering up with sunscreen and deodorant before heading into the park. Reapply as needed.

Don’t: Wear something that will result in crazy tan lines.

Save the strappy shirt backs for another time. Stick with a classic cut tank top or t-shirt to avoid bizarre skin pigmentation.

Do: Wear a strap for glasses.

Glasses fall off on rides—that’s a given. Avoid the inevitable by investing in a glasses strap. This may not be the most stylish look, but it is conventional.

Don’t: Bring a bag.

Though many rides provide cubbies for personal belongings, some might not. Avoid paying for a locker, and only bring what fits into your pants' pockets.

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