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Behind the Art: Student artists discuss meanings behind displays in Art and Journalism Building

This article originally appeared in the Ball State Daily News

Behind the Art explores the meaning and process behind the student-made art in our campus hallways and displays. This part of the series contains photography work featured on the second floor of the Art and Journalism Building.

Behind the lines

Jessica Maxwell’s untitled art catches the eye and the junior photography major wants to prove why.

“The concept behind [the piece] was to bring awareness to how we subconsciously see beauty,” Maxwell said. “How we gravitate toward people who are more geometrically defined.”

Her artwork is a photo of a female profile with geometric shapes overlapped.

Each line and number of the geometric shapes represents the “perfect” distance between each feature of the face. Maxwell created the piece in Photoshop by superimposing three images on top of each other and placing the geometric shapes on top of those.

The piece stemmed from an assignment requiring Maxwell to layer images. The subject, however, was open concept.

Though Maxwell began creating art when she was about seven years old, she took a hiatus and came to Ball State University to major in premed and genetic biology. She soon after found out that it wasn’t for her.

“I just took a whim and got into the art department and loved it ever since,” Maxwell said.

Maxwell leaves most of her work up for interpretation. She heard a saying that stated the average person looks at a piece of art for three to five seconds. Maxwell’s goal is to keep people looking at her art for at least 10 seconds.

“I try to make my work as abstract as possible, but yet poignant and striking, so that way you linger over the piece more,” Maxwell said.

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