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Staying Comfortable in Winter Layers

This article originally appeared in Ball Bearings Magazine

Here are six different ways for men and women to layer their styles.


  1. Men’s fashion has been super focused on socks lately. Thick, wool socks and socks with crazy patterns are a big hit right now. Rock patterned socks with rolled pants to show off your wilder side. Cozy up with wool socks and boots on the colder days.

  2. Like women, men can utilize the warmth and style of jackets. Wear a graphic tee under a jacket for a casual look. Roll the sleeves up to keep your cool in hot buildings.

  3. Button-up shirts. These can be worn unbuttoned with an undershirt for a more casual look or buttoned up for a dressier look. Stick with a lighter fabric on warmer days.

  4. Spice up your graphic tee or button-up shirt by throwing a cardigan over top. The great thing about cardigans is how easily the fabric moves. You can roll up the sleeves and cap them with your shirt cuffs to create a completely different look.

  5. Gloves and hats. Beanies work well with men, especially those with shorter hair. Throwing on a casual hat is a good way to keep your head warm while rocking a great look. When shopping for gloves, opt for fingerless gloves with mitten caps. These gloves give you full access to your fingers with the option to cover them when needed.

  6. Pea coats are not just for women. For the warmer days, opt for a pea coat rather than a thick winter coat. Scarves are also good accessories for men. Choose a patterned flannel scarf to add some fun to the drab winter days.


  1. Dresses and skirts. Who says dresses and skirts can only be worn in warm weather? To warm up your look, add tights (knitted tights are especially cozy) or thigh-high socks to keep your legs nice and toasty. Bonus: roll or fold the socks down to create a different style look without overheating your legs.

  2. Jackets can spice up any outfit. Pair with short sleeves and you’re ready for any temperature. Some great jackets for wintertime are denim, leather and green, army-style jackets. When the temperature rises, simply tie the jacket around your waist. (Yes, this 90s look is back in style.)

  3. Button-up shirts. Pair a cute top or graphic tee with a flannel, denim or chambray button-up. These shirts are lighter than jackets so they can be worn on warmer days. Like the jackets, button-ups can be tied around your waist for a stylish, cooler look.

  4. Big, bulky sweaters have been in the winter fashion spotlight for years. Add some change by wearing a long-sleeved collared shirt underneath. The collar and cuffs of the undershirt will create a cute peek-a-boo affect. Plus, if the sweater gets too hot, there’s a backup shirt underneath.

  5. A good pair of thick boot socks is an investment every fashionista should look into. Boot socks can be worn with jeans, leggings, tights and virtually any other kind of legwear in existence. These socks can be worn at full length so as to just peek out the top of boots. They can also be worn with shorter shoes and rolled down for a chunkier fashion look.

  6. Make your winter essentials part of the outfit. Knitted infinity scarves are great for keeping the neck and face warm, plus they look awesome paired with a pea coat. Hair accessories can also add to the outfit. Whether you wear your hair up or down, there’s headwear for any style. Beanies, earmuffs and headbands keep your ears and head warm while making your winter outfit come together.

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